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This is the testimonials of our Student Nadia Cadeddu.

I was a student of University of Manchester on the course of Mechanical Engineering with Design Simulation and Modelling. The Design was the only reason I was here, it is always been my passion. After a while that the course has started I have realised that the actual lesson of Design was only lasting 1 hour a week plus some hour on work exercising with AutoCAD.

Here is the problem, my work was to draw a Mechanical Part with AutoCAD using it without any knowledge at all. Nobody has explained or ever shown it to me so I took my decision.
I left Manchester University and started looking around for some courses where the main object of study was Draughting and Design. And I found MCET (formerly MCDDT).
At MCET the CADD course is fascinating because you can see with your eyes object being created, the books are very clear with lots of different exercises to practice.
After few months I have already shown the results of my study at MCET. This is why since I started working with an Interior Design Company and I created the Object that I need to fill the House, all with AutoCAD ( chairs, sofas, tables). It is a job that I enjoy but if I am able to do it, it is because of the course at MCET that I have done (and I am still doing). I got a creative job with great salary so this is a great course to start.
Nadia Cadeddu



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