Principals Message  

College Mission

Our mission is to provide a high quality learning environment to a diverse community taking into account issues of equality and diversity.

In offering quality education and training opportunities, student development, progression and success is the college’s highest priority; as such, our college is committed to access, teaching excellence, comprehensiveness, adult  lifelong learning, partnership building with other education establishments and professional partners to promote and secure academic and economic development.

Going forward the college is currently planning to offer additional courses as a route to student progression pathways in ICT, Engineering Design & Draughting, Business Management, and Citizenship courses.


  1. We respect all individuals.
  2. We lead to excellence by example.
  3. We work together.
  4. We act with integrity.
  5. We recognise the cultural, social and ethnic diversity.
  6. We seek to create a positive learning and working environment.


  1. To be outstanding in all we do.
  2. To be positively proactive in meeting the needs of individuals, businesses and communities.
  3. To provide excellent service to our students, colleagues and partners.
  4. To establish a friendly, safe, supportive, stimulating and inclusive learning experience for all.
  5. To establish forward thinking financial practices to deliver fiscal security.
  6. To make a positive impact on the economic prosperity and wellbeing of our students through employer and community engagement.
  7. To actively motivate students and encourage inclusive learning.


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