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About Manchester

Manchester is one of the most dynamic and lively places in Europe. A big city with a compact and friendly centre. A trendsetting music and style capital that still has a place for traditional street markets and local pubs. A place with an illustrious past that's always at the cutting edge of what's new.
Manchester's ability to welcome and embrace change throughout its history has given it a rare energy. Manchester was at the epicentre of the industrial revolution, and the spirit that brought the world into the modern age is evident in its trademark Victorian buildings and monuments, such as the gothic Town Hall in Albert Square. But over the last few years the city centre has undergone an extensive transformation. New public spaces have been created and imaginative buildings and developments have appeared, reshaping Manchester's skyline.
Manchester also sets itself apart in terms of sporting prowess with two of the biggest football clubs on the planet. The changes to the city's infrastructure as a result of the success of the 2002 Commonwealth Games has left first-class sports facilities for all the public to enjoy, especially students.
Manchester has long been a city of innovation, with its notable achievements including:

  • The UK's first free public library, set up in 1653;
  • The world's first steam-powered mill, opened in 1783 by Richard Arkwright;
  • Hosting the UK's biggest-ever art show - the Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition of 1857;
  • The world's first professional football league created at a meeting in Manchester's Royal Hotel in 1888;
  • The founding of the Women's Social Political Union by Emmeline Pankhurst at her Manchester home in 1903;
  • The world's first computer, nicknamed The Baby, built in 1948;
  • The debut edition of Top Of The Pops featuring The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, broadcast from a church in Rusholme in 1964.

Manchester is a city of opportunities: a place to study, to learn and to enjoy yourself.
Follow the link below that gives you information about what is currently happening in Manchester as well as advice on transport and many other things.


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